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Swann DVR-4580 Black, Grey

Swann DVR-4580 Black, Grey


Swann DVR-4580 Black, Grey

DVR-4580, 4 Channels, 1080p, 1 TB, BNC, VGA, HDMI, RCA, RJ-45, 3x USB 2.0, 230x210x45 mm
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Swann - Swann DVR-4580 Black, Grey
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Swann Security - 'Gas Station'
Swann DVR-4580. Product colour: Black, Grey, Compatible operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android. Video input channels: 4 channels. Maximum HDD capacity: 4000 GB, HDD capacity: 1000 GB. Power supply type: DC, DC voltage: 12 V. Width: 230 mm, Depth: 210 mm, Height: 45 mm

Get the latest CCTV tech with this 1080p Full HD security system from Swann. Add compatible Swann security cameras to build a customized security system that’s truly yours.

A 4-channel security system suits small properties for indoor or outdoor surveillance. Add cameras as low as 720p (1MP) up to 1080p (2MP) and 3MP, including premium cameras with optical zoom and audio capture.

Mix & match up to 4 cameras to suit your budget & needs. Add lower res cameras to cover shorter distances, like inside a garage, and 1080p (2MP) and 3MP cameras to cover longer distances and zoom into details further away.

Add True Detect thermal sensing cameras that auto record and send you push notifications when they detect warm moving objects, like people and cars.

Thermal cameras also enable Dropbox integration to upload still images to the cloud, so you have image evidence safely stored off-site in case your DVR gets stolen.

See your home on your phone, live or playback, from anywhere with the HomeSafe View app, while the massive pre-installed hard drive can store months of footage with no ongoing fees ever.

Mix and match cameras to suit your lifestyle and budget
This DVR can take up to 4 cameras. You have flexibility of choosing bullet cameras, which are more visible and work as deterrents, or you may opt for a more discreet installation with dome cameras that blend in easily with their surroundings due to their round shape. You can also go high and low on resolution, choosing from 720p (1MP), 1080p (2MP) up to 3MP, including cameras with optical zooming. Check out the Compatible Products section further below.

Speak & You Can See
Now it’s even easier to see what’s happening. Use voice commands via the Google Assistant and Chromecast to stream video from your security cameras to your Smart TV. You can customize commands such as “Okay Google, show me the front door”. Your security just got smarter.

True Detect Thermal Sensing Motion Detection
Add True Detect cameras that record and send you push notifications when they sense warm moving objects, like people and cars.

Accurate Security Push Notifications
True Detect cameras enable push notifications. Get a notification when True Detect cameras detect warm objects, so you can act immediately and potentially prevent any costly security incident.

Dropbox integration with True Detect cameras
True Detect cameras also enable Dropbox integration. Set up the system to upload still images to your Dropbox account in the cloud. So even if your security system gets stolen, you’ll have image evidence stored off-site.

View your home on your phone
See the cameras live and play back recordings on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world with the HomeSafe View app.

Massive surveillance grade hard drive
The massive 1TB HDD is designed especially for continuous surveillance recording. Store months of recordings and easily transfer videos to a USB stick or download via network with no ongoing fees ever.

Smart Search easily finds recorded incidents by searching a specific image area
Select a specific area of the image to search for movement within the recordings. For example, highlight the position of a stolen object and Smart Search will find motion around that area.

QuickShot lets you quickly review recordings from multiple cameras
Save time with QuickShot. Play a slideshow from all cameras’ recordings on the same screen so that you can quickly identify an event of interest.

QuickReview plays back various recordings from a single camera
Easily locate a security incident from one camera by simultaneous playing footage from it from different times in a multiscreen layout within the same monitor.